Grace and the Drawl

By (author)Dale Cusack


In the thrilling world of “The Battle to Survive,” fourteen-year-old Grace discovers she has the unique ability to see nightmarish creatures from higher dimensions. With the help of her adopted cat, Boot, she is transported to a world where cats fight these monsters to protect humanity. Will Grace find the strength within herself to survive and return home?


Have you ever wondered what animals can see that we can’t?
For fourteen year old Grace it is no secret. She sees the nightmarish creatures that inhabit higher dimensions. Creatures that secretly feed on people, her parents her friends. Grace is not alone in seeing these monsters, however, cats not only see them but they are our only protection from the menace attacking us.

Grace’s adopted stray Boot, knows Grace is special and can see the creatures, now he wants her help in the fight against the Drawl. Grace is transported to Boot’s world where cats are waging a war against the enemy.

Grace is no hero, however. She is too small and weak, bullied and timid she struggles to find herself. Will Grace survive long enough to return to her own world? Or will she be another casualty in the battle to survive?

“This is one of the greatest cat books!!!! I recommend this book!!!”