Grimm’s Puppets: a Dark Psychological Thriller Set in the 80s

By (author)Tom Prater

In a small town, a series of unsolved murders resurfaces, and a troubled author with mysterious abilities is drawn back to his past to uncover the truth. As he battles cancer and delves into the twisted case, Will Metlocke must confront his own mortality in a race against time to catch the elusive killer. This dark psychological thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat, with unexpected twists and a gripping, sinister tale.


In the autumn of 1968, the bodies of six brothers were found hanging from Hollyhead’s billboard dressed in white, flowing gowns. Their killer was never identified.. Twelve years later, another death has occurred. Will Metlocke, an author with seemingly psychic abilities, is called back to his hometown by his estranged father in a plea to help solve the murders. When Will finds an old friend who has apparently risen from the grave, he knows he must investigate. Only time is running out. Will has been diagnosed with cancer that he refuses to seek treatment for. He never planned to reconnect with his father, fall in love, and hunt a serial killer in his condition, but maybe to catch the Grimm Reaper, you must be pushed to the edge of death itself…. A dark psychological thriller where a fairytale ending was never on the cards…