Ice Queen

By (author)Felicia Farber


Blair’s summer plans to become the most popular girl in school take a sharp turn when she faces criminal charges on the first day of senior year. As racy photos of her surface and the Ice Queen tries to win back her new boyfriend, Blair must clear her name and uncover who is behind the scandal. Will she triumph over the Queen and conquer her legal troubles?


Blair has never been the most popular girl, but she’s going to change that this summer. When she lands the hottest boy in school—the Ice Queen’s ex—she’ll do whatever it takes to keep him … even if it means going head-to-head with the Queen.. With her new boyfriend by her side, Blair is ready to tackle her senior year. But everything changes when the police show up on the very first day of school. She is shocked to discover she’s facing criminal charges.. Blair learns that a sexy picture of her had gotten into the wrong hands and was circulated around social media. But while she is handling her legal troubles, more racy photos of her mysteriously appear. And if that’s not bad enough, the Ice Queen tries to seduce her boyfriend back. Can Blair clear her name, find out whose behind the new photos, and finally beat the Queen?