It’s All an Illusion … a Karmic One: Essays


Discover the powerful message behind karmic illusions in this engaging and introspective book. The author shares personal stories and insights about understanding the deeper meaning of life and how to react differently to challenging situations, ultimately leading to a journey of awakening and personal growth.


Telling that the life itself it’s an illusion, might sound so damn … weird … and most probably … even like a depressive thought.But … you see … there are so, so many moments in life when the life itself just… sucks … and we ask ourselves … what the hell have i done that i deserve that?!And that was the moment when the karmic idea came into my mind … starting to believe that all the lessons of life, sometimes very difficult to handle … could be defined as karmic.All those abstract situations … which totally annoy us … and make our lives miserable… are repeating on and on and on.Believing we are the victims of circumstances … everything it’s never the way we want to be … or even worst.The funny thing that i tried all the time when i was in those weird abstract stories, having the impression that it was the end of the world … i was repeating to myself “It’s all an illusion … and it’s not what it looks like”.My karmic stories … being in fact my stories … and feeling them in such a powerful way … were …Well … don’t even know how to define them, but all i wanted was to get out of those situations and also get rid of the karmic people that i hated so much.And i tried everything … and nothing worked expect smiling … or even laughing in front of those illusions.Deciding to call them … simple … illusions … was probably the best idea i could come with.But the karmic illusions … were powerful messages i had to understand … and i was pretending i could not see behind the abstract.I actually love the abstract, but not when it was part of my life.It was all related with the concept of understanding the meaning of life … and even if i spent lots of time meditating over the subject … when i was on the scene of the real life, i was acting like a football player that studied all the strategies had been ever written about this sport … but … never practiced and in fact never tried to practice it in a good way.So … even if i knew theory … i acted like someone that never heard about spirituality … or about the forces behind reality.In fact …. in the real life, in so, so many karmic moments … i acted like an … idiot.I knew that all i had to do was just to smile in front of those illusory situations … cause there is no other way of fighting.But guess what?!Each time … i was failing.The only progress i made over the years … was that after a while … meditating over what happened … i somehow understood what … illusory … meant.…. that i had to react in a different way.… that was not what it looked like and the lesson of life had to be seen, understood deeper and deeper.But again … theory was so easy and i was failing tests all the time.On and on and on …I was such an idiot not applying all what i knew about life … on the scene of my own life.… and i was paying the price … of living a … miserable life …Everyday something happened and i was fucking my vibe … not realizing there were tests given to me by the Universe.Life was beautiful … and i thought it’s so … ugly.Hahaha … such a silly perspective.Well … it was all a decision of … changing my perceptions … and realizing that anything it could happen it was all a decision of the Divine Intelligence … God … Allah … or however we could name that entity that is everything it exists …. and it was all for our good.The fact that the karmic situations were repeated … was because i was not passing the tests … and i really had to pass those tests.It was all about … my awakening … and i had to start the … process.