Jonah’s Redemption: an Amish Romance

By (author)Sylvia Price


Jonah, struggling in the English world after leaving his Amish roots, meets Mary Lou, who is on a journey to experience life. As they bond and grow closer, they both must face their pasts and find healing and faith. A heartwarming romance set in the Amish community, this book is the first in a series that will leave readers feeling uplifted and inspired.


Jonah has lost his community, and he’s struggling to get by in the English world. He yearns for his Amish roots, but his past mistakes keep him from returning home.

Mary Lou is recovering from a medical scare. Her journey has impressed upon her how precious life is, so she decides to go on rumspringa to see the world.

While in the city, Mary Lou meets Jonah. Unable to understand his foul attitude, especially towards her, she makes every effort to share her faith with him. As she helps him heal from his past, an attraction develops.

Will Jonah’s heart soften towards Mary Lou? What will God do with these two broken people?

This is the 1st book of a 5-book series. Read more Continue reading Read less REVIEW
“Sylvia Price’s romance novella, Jonah’s Redemption: An Amish Romance, is a simple story following a simple life. There’s always something soothing and comforting about reading a story about the Amish and Sylvia Price clearly makes her story both soothing and comforting… The characters are well developed and believable and the setting is aptly described. Jonah’s Redemption: An Amish Romance definitely has merit and potential and will be a simple read for a quiet time, which we seem to have lots of right now.” – Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers’ Favorite ABOUT THE AUTHOR
Sylvia Price first met Mennonite missionaries in Montréal when she was 13 years old. She was captivated by their faithfulness to Christ, their politeness, their calm lifestyle–especially in comparison to the bustle of a major city–and how they could enjoy the simplest things to the fullest. When they opened their home for her to stay with them for three weeks, she was made to feel like family. Their enduring legacy in her life was to get her a library card and to start reading for her to cope with the loss of television and radio. With a new-found appreciation for books, Sylvia set her sights to college then seminary in service of the Lord. She now spends her time writing, hoping to inspire the next generation to read more stories. Read more Continue reading Read less