By (author)K. James Byard


In “Knowing,” Gavin Morrison, an empathic eighth-grader, must navigate the challenges of moving to a new town where he fears his abilities will become impossible to manage. As he grapples with school bullies, a relentless reporter, and unexplainable presence in his new home, he must rely on his misfit friends with secrets of their own to solve mysteries that could determine his fate. With his life on the line, Gavin’s race to uncover the truth will keep readers on the edge of their seats.


Eighth-grader Gavin Morrison and his father live in the rural community of Thor Bridge, Indiana. Gavin is an empath—he can sense the feelings and emotions of others—and while he is not happy living in Thor Bridge, he is at least isolated and relatively anonymous. But his life is turned upside down when his father takes a new job in the nearby, but much more populous, town of Daviston. Gavin is afraid that his empathic abilities–his Knowing–will become impossible to manage.. His move to a new town brings an additional challenge–a new school–and any hopes that he can fade into his usual anonymity are soon broken when he in rapid succession draws the attention of school bullies and a relentless reporter who is convinced Gavin and his father know something about a vicious double homicide that occurred in the home they’ve moved into. And to make matters worse Gavin begins to sense an unexplainable presence in the house, and has to wonder if the house may be haunted.. With the help of his new friends, a group of misfits with secrets of their own, he must race to solve all of these mysteries and more because as the year goes on one thing becomes increasingly clear: his life depends on it.