Night Elves of Ardani: a Fantasy Enemies to Lovers Romance

By (author)Nina K. Westra

Novikke, a troubled female soldier, is taken captive by a dark elf ranger in a world of shadows and magic. As they navigate a forbidden attraction and a looming war, they must decide between loyalty and love in this enemies to lovers epic fantasy romance. Join them on a journey of worldbuilding, action, and adventure in this interconnected standalone series.


A female soldier with a troubled mind, a dark elf ranger with a gentle side, and a forbidden love… Novikke is a mediocre soldier in the Ardanian army, cursed with a debilitating mental illness. She never expected to face battle, let alone be taken captive by a night elf scout.Trapped in his unforgiving homeland, a vast forest of shadows and magic, she’ll have to rely on her wits and her sword to survive. Humans and night elves have been at odds for centuries, so she has little hope for mercy, especially since they don’t even speak the same language.In an unlikely turn, she finds that her captor is the only person protecting her from his bloodthirsty kin.As Novikke begins to see the elf in a new light, she starts to question everything she thought she knew about his mysterious people. What’s more, she’s beginning to think that he feels the same troublesome attraction between them that she does.As deadly magic and the threat of war loom, they are forced to decide where their loyalties truly lie. With the fate of their nations in their hands, will they choose loyalty… or love?Night Elves of Ardani is an enemies to lovers epic fantasy romance for readers who love worldbuilding, action and adventure, angst, and spice. Elves of Ardani is a series of interconnected standalones, with each book following a different couple and ending in an HEA.This book comprises all three previously published parts of Night Elves of Ardani (Captive, Sacrifice, and Invocation). This book is intended for adults and contains spicy scenes and violence. Please visit the author’s website for more content info.