Of Medris and Mutiny: a Steamy, Fake Dating, Enemies to Lovers Gaslamp Novella

By (author)HR Moore


In a world where women are equal to men, Aubrette becomes the first female engineer in the Engineering Guild. But when the guild’s leader introduces her as his betrothed, sparks fly in this steamy, enemies-to-lovers novella set in the Kingdom of Moon. Get ready for a thrilling gaslamp adventure in Of Medris and Mutiny.


Women are finally equal to men in the Five Kingdoms—in theory, anyway—and Aubrette is the first female engineer to join the prestigious Engineering Guild. But the guild’s leader, Lord Otterly, is anything but welcoming, which is why it’s such a surprise when he introduces her to his formidable, disapproving mother as his betrothed.. Of Medris and Mutiny is a steamy, fake-dating, enemies-to-lovers gaslamp novella set in the Kingdom of Moon in the Shadow and Ash world.