Olivia & the Gentleman from Outer Space


Embark on a thrilling and magical journey with Olivia and Galax as they search for the powerful Black Ruby to heal her father’s cancer, while facing off against the nefarious Black Priests who will stop at nothing to get their hands on it. This imaginative and enchanting tale of friendship and destiny will transport you to the wonders of space and beyond, perfect for fans of The Little Prince and A Wrinkle In Time.


Only friendship has the power to transcend time and space . . .When six-year-old Olivia finds a glowing treasure map that only she can see, she has no idea what it means. But six years later, when a spaceship lands in the wheatfields behind the farmhouse where she lives with her dad, she discovers she has an important destiny to fulfill. She is the Princess of Blue Earth, and only she can read the map that will lead to the Black Ruby, which has the power to heal anything—including her father’s cancer.Accompanied by a time traveler boy named Galax, she sets out on a magical and imaginative adventure that will take them to the ethereal beauty of the moon and across the wonders of space in their search for the Black Ruby. But the Black Priests also want the Ruby for nefarious reasons . . . and they’ll do anything to stop Olivia and Galax from taking it.For fans of The Little Prince and A Wrinkle In Time.