Once Upon a Witch: a Paranormal Cozy Mystery Book 1

By (author)Valia Lind


When Cassandra Duke’s magic acts up, she ends up without a job and a plan. Returning home to Crooked Windows Inn, she hopes for some peace and quiet, but instead finds herself caught up in a murder mystery that she must solve before her aunt is wrongfully arrested. Full of magic, wit, and a touch of romance, this paranormal witch cozy mysteries series is a must-read for fans of the genre.


One magical mishap and her world goes up in flames.

Cassandra Duke had her whole life figured out. She was going to stay away from magic, become a successful interior designer in a big city, and maybe finally learn how to waltz. But then, her magic acts up—without her permission—leaving her without a job and a plan.

Coming home was never in the stars. But when her aunt calls, Cassie packs up her stuff and heads to Crooked Windows Inn. Maybe with a little peace and quiet, and a remodeling gig, she can get her magic (and life) back under control.

But the universe is clearly out to get her!

Not only has she picked up an annoying cat sidekick, but then her childhood nemesis comes back into her life in the form of the (hot) new handyman, and things just can’t get any worse.

That is, until one of the inn’s guests turns up dead and Cassie’s aunt is the prime suspect.

Now Cassie has no choice but to take the matters into her own magical hands.

Can she solve the case before her aunt is arrested for a crime she didn’t commit?

If you love a little magic and wit with your murder, you’ll love this brand new paranormal witch cozy mysteries series from USA Today bestselling author, Valia Lind!

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