Our Nights of Salt and Starlight

By (author)Daniella Draven


In “Our Nights of Salt & Starlight,” the world has changed forever with the discovery that Fae walk among them. When 18-year-old Lexi is matched with her ex-boyfriend Orion through a magical love app, she learns that he is actually a Triton, sparking a rekindling of their love amidst growing tensions between humans and Fae. This standalone young adult fantasy romance by Daniella Draven combines enemies to lovers, second chances, and magical love apps for an engaging read.


A human girl. A merman. There’s more than an ocean between them.Last summer, the world changed forever. It was the summer the world discovered that the Fae walked among them, but for eighteen-year-old Lexi Taylor, it will always be the summer Orion Richards broke her heart.A year later, tensions between humans and Fae are growing by the day. But the creation of FAEted – an app that matches humans with magical beings hopes to unify the groups.Focused on getting into university, the last thing Lexi needs is some app promising her true love, especially when she’s matched with Orion. Which is more than a little weird considering he’s human… right? Astonished, Lexi discovers that Orion is a Triton, a descendent of the legendary sea god and a member of the Ocean Court.Under the night sky, amongst the waves, buried secrets and long-forgotten feelings come to the surface. Can Lexi and Orion rekindle their love as the tension between humans and Fae turns to violence?‘Our Nights of Salt & Starlight’ is a standalone young adult fantasy romance. If you like enemies to lovers, second chances, magical love apps and boys with tridents you’ll love Daniella Draven’s debut novella.