Poverty Creek

By (author)Sonja Heisinger


In the midst of a civil war in Gold Rush California, two conflicting individuals, Lucius Flynn and Evelyn Brennan, set out to make their fortune in the Sierra Nevada foothills. Faced with new friends, dangerous opportunities, and romantic entanglements, their journey becomes a captivating western adventure that will keep readers glued to the pages. Don’t miss out on the highly anticipated sequel to Liberty Hill, a historical fiction at its finest, filled with lawlessness, treacherous beauty, and fallible dreams.


In Gold Rush California, a civil war is raging… between two people.The Southern Mines, 1849 – After conquering the jungles of Panama, Lucius Flynn and Evelyn Brennan set sail for the Land of Dreams, but they couldn’t be more at odds. Determined to make a fortune and put an end to their arranged marriage once and for all, they join a company of ragtag prospectors and embark on the dangerous road to Prosperity, a boomtown in the Sierra Nevada foothills. Surrounded by intriguing new friends and golden opportunities, the Wild West just might bring Lucius and Evelyn together… until Nell Watson arrives. Charming and seductive, the famous dancer sets her sights on Lucius, while Evelyn becomes more and more entangled with a married man. In Poverty Creek, vigilantes, cowboys, and hopeless romantics converge in a world where lawlessness and drudgery disguise themselves as freedom and grandeur. Where beauty is treacherous, and dreams are fallible. The western adventure continues in this highly anticipated sequel to Liberty Hill.What readers are saying about Liberty Hill:”Captivating.” – 5-star review”Kept me reading when I should have been in bed.” – 5-star review”Historical fiction at its finest.” – 5-star review”Worth its weight in gold.” – 5-star review”I could not and would not put this book down.” – 5-star review”An amazing adventure story.” – 5-star review”I fell in love with this book!” – 5-star reviewAbout the author:A California native, Sonja Heisinger has lived and traveled all over the world. She published her first novel, the inspirational For He Is Summer, when she was just twenty years old. A few years later, she lost both her parents in a car accident, and her brother shortly after. To make sense of her grief, she began to draw and write voraciously. Today she is a professional artist – follow her on Instagram @sonjartsinger – and author of the bestselling Liberty Hill series, a romantic drama set during the California Gold Rush.In 2020, she combines her affection for country music with her intimate knowledge of love and loss in a moving short story collection, Anthology, which will be released to Kindle month by month, story by story. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for news, release dates, and exclusive content.