By (author)Arnie Koss

In “The Salvagers,” interplanetary salvagers, the Plenetians, have patiently waited for humanity’s apocalypse, but one undercover scout becomes convinced that Earth is worth saving after encountering a single mom and her grandfather in the Arizona desert. As Plenetian leaders plot to hasten humanity’s demise, the fast-paced adventure culminates in a final showdown with the future of Earth at stake. A gripping tale of hope and survival in the face of impending catastrophe.


The Salvagers will be here soon. Your Earth will not go to waste. We are not conquerors. We do not usurp. You are the vanquished…by your own hand.. Humans aren’t the only beings witnessing the near collapse of Earth due to climate change, nuclear weapons proliferation and pandemics. Interplanetary salvagers, the Plenetians have been watching Earth for a thousand years from their own water-starved planet, patiently waiting for humanity‚Äôs apocalypse.. Nyne, an undercover scout from Plenetia, has been sent in human guise to scope how close Earth is to catastrophe. Nyne becomes convinced that humanity is worth saving after serendipitous encounters with Chi, a Native American single mom and her grandfather Blue Clouds, a repentant ex-con, who struggle to survive poverty and drought in the Arizona desert.. As Plenetian leaders hatch a plot to hasten humanity’s demise, Chi and Nyne find themselves in the middle of the resulting subterfuge. Complicating matters is the U.S. government’s pursuit to capture and neutralize the alien threat. This fast paced, unpredictable adventure catapults the reader around the world and beyond, to a final showdown, with the future of Earth teetering in the balance.