Sarah Finds Freedom: the Maxwell Bride Series Book 2

In 1886 Boston, Sarah Forbes seeks freedom from a gilded cage and finds herself as a mail-order bride fleeing a crime. Her unexpected responsibility and meeting widower Caine Maxwell complicates her plans, but together they must come together to recover what they can’t live without in this old-fashioned yet mature series.


“HEADING OUT WEST AS A MAIL-ORDER BRIDE IS A DAMN STUPID IDEA…”~Sarah. 1886, Boston.Sarah Forbes is a cowgirl at heart, but if she obeys her father’s wishes she’ll be living in a gilded cage. When she witnesses a crime and needs to flee the city, a mail-order bride agency seems like her only ticket to freedom and safety. But life throws her an unexpected responsibility and complicates everything. Can she rise to the challenge, and find freedom?. Caine Maxwell is a widower with a deep fear of loss. His controlling ways and protective nature are a frustrating mix to a girl who desires only freedom. Stubborn heads collide, but when something precious is taken from them, the stakes are raised. Can they come together to recover the one thing they can’t live without?. Although the story is old fashioned, The Maxwell Brides Series contains violence, adult language and themes, and descriptions of physical intimacy. It is intended for mature readers.. I hope you enjoy the new covers for this series! The old covers were lovely, but a little too sweet for the books. Stick with me as I release the rest of the new covers!