Self Mastery and Fate With the Cycles of Life

By (author)H. Spencer Lewis


Unlock the secrets of Cosmic cycles and their influence on your daily affairs with this unique and valuable guide. With easy-to-use tables and a simple system, you can determine the favorable and unfavorable periods of each year and life, providing fascinating and complete life readings for yourself or your loved ones in less than an hour, without the need for complex formulas or mathematics.


A unique presentation of the mysterious Cosmic cycles that influence the personal, social, business, financial, and other affairs of our daily lives, accompanied with tables and a system whereby each one may easily work out the periods of each year and of each life when there are favorable and unfavorable times for mastering the problems of life. A most unusual book and a valuable daily guide for everyone.
. Just imagine, if you can, a pleasant gift of a very complete life reading of yourself, or of one of your children, or of your marriage partner, or any friend! With this book before you, and with only pen and ink and some sheets of paper, you can sit down any evening and with pleasure, fascination, instruction, and gripping interest, prepare a complete life reading for yourself or someone else in less than an hour. No mathematics, no
other books to consult, no difficult formulas to work out, just reading and writing, pleasantly and fascinatingly.