Sharon’s Shorts: a Multi-genre Collection of Short Stories

By (author)Sharon K Connell

Dive into the captivating world of romance, fantasy, suspense, and more with award-winning author Sharon K. Connell. From heartbreak in Houston to the whimsy of a leprechaun’s adventure, these ten stories will keep you hooked year-round. Get ready to be delighted by the breadth of Sharon’s talents in this must-read collection.


Ten short stories of Romance, Fantasy, Suspense, Romantic Suspense, Romantic Fantasy, Women’s Fiction, Fable, and Paranormal lay between the pages of this book. Some award-winning. Two previously published in multi-author anthologies. Black Friday in Houston, Texas brings sorrow to a young woman. Cupid stirs up trouble on earth during a reenactment of Romeo and Juliet. A young woman comes home to apologize to her former fiancé. To protect his gold, a leprechaun leaves Ireland. A man catches a glimpse of his brother at the wheel of the getaway car in front of a bank. Are Fairy Rings real? One life-changing surprise come from a vacation after graduation from college. When a frustrated male author runs into a gorgeous female author at the library, life turns into a whirlwind. Even a little teapot can learn a valuable lesson. Is the Legend of Spirit Lake true? Stories to enjoy year round. Endorsement from back cover: “In Sharon’s Shorts, author Sharon K. Connell takes a break from her usual genre of romantic suspense to demonstrate the breadth of her talents. Prepare to be delighted as you sample offerings ranging from the pure romance of “Overdue” to the light-hearted fantasy of “Trouble with Golden Arrows” to the haunting darkness of “Spirit Lake” and everywhere in between.”Gary L. Breezeel, multi-award-winning, short story author