By (author)Maddy Edwards


Natalie Monroe thinks she’s a normal girl trying to navigate high school, but she soon finds out that she’s much more than that. When she meets a guy named Pierce she learns she’s not a normal girl at all. Natalie has a magical ability to heal and the reasons for that will change her life forever.


If you love magic and romance and have always longed for a book about the redemptive power of love, don’t miss this heart-pounding read!

Natalie Monroe lives a normal life with her dad and her new step-family. Between navigating the usual high school drama and getting comfortable with her dad’s choice of a wife, she has plenty on her plate.

Then everything changes. On what was supposed to be a normal night out with her two best friends, she meets a mysterious guy named Pierce. Intrigued, Natalie wants to know more.

Turns out, what she learns will change her life forever.

Natalie is the only living descendant of a magical race, and once she knows her own secret there is no going back. The choices she has to make threaten to consume everything that she holds most dear.