Stepping Stones to Space

By (author)Daniel D. Bate

In “Stepping Stones to Space,” Dr. Elizabeth Reacher’s relentless pursuit to make humans a multi-planetary species is threatened by dangerous extremists who don’t want humans to transcend borders. As she navigates global politics and faces multiple challenges, author Daniel D. Bate weaves scientific fact with thrilling fiction, offering a thought-provoking vision of our destiny and the infinite opportunity and terrifying possibilities that lie beyond the night sky. If you love edge-of-your-seat suspense and exploring new frontiers, this is a must-read for you. Grab your copy of “Stepping Stones to Space” and take the next giant leap today!


Earth is a fragile haven. But when one woman tries to make humans a multi-planetary species, will blastoff prove fatal?

Dr. Elizabeth Reacher refuses to take no for an answer. So when the ambitious academic witnesses yet another terrorist attack on a program that would have made space travel far more accessible, she channels her despair over the waste into fierce passion. But as the introvert pushes herself out of her comfort zone to find support for her new cause, she attracts unwanted attention from dangerous extremists.

Trying to balance global politics with a mission that transcends borders, Dr. Reacher travels to Russia to train for her next move. But when she’s freed after being kidnapped by foreign interests, the Special Forces team behind her extraction feels like it has more foes than friends.

As the endless barrage continues, will her quest to expand humanity’s reach further into the cosmos flameout in the crossfire?

An adventurer who longed to know what was beyond the night sky before losing his sight, Daniel D. Bate weaves scientific fact with thrilling fiction as he ponders the vast implications of journeys away from our home planet. And as he shares insights into the deep human dream to explore and soar among the stars, he offers a glimpse of infinite opportunity and terrifying possibilities.

Stepping Stones to Space is the thought-provoking first book in the Humanity’s Expansion science fiction series. If you like edge-of-your-seat suspense, exploring new frontiers, and questioning life’s mysteries, then you’ll love Daniel D. Bate’s insightful vision for our destiny.

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