Tabby Trouble

By (author)Iris Leigh


When tasked with cat sitting, I never expected to also become involved in a murder mystery but when my neighbor turns up dead and my own cat goes missing, I must rely on the help of a chatty talking cat to solve the crime before it’s too late. In a town full of suspects, I have to put my lack of experience aside and figure out how to crack the case.


I don’t ask for much, and I know for sure I didn’t ask to communicate with cats.But when I agree to cat sit my best friend’s cats, that’s exactly what I get for my trouble—well, that and a baffling murder mystery to solve.Now my next-door neighbor is dead under mysterious circumstances, the talking cat is giving me orders, and my cat is missing, and somehow both are connected.It’s up to me to figure out how and why and solve the murder in a town full of potential suspects.I’m going to need a little more than luck and a chatty cat to help me solve this puzzle, but there’s one big problem. I’ve never solved a crime before, let alone investigated one.