Tempting Fate: Soulmates Forbidden Love Romance

By (author)Z.L. Arkadie


“Tempting Fate” is a captivating tale of forbidden love between two rival families, weaving a story of desire, destiny, and the power of one fateful encounter. Follow the heart-pounding journey of Hercules Valentine and the girl who couldn’t resist his irresistible charm, in this enticing story that started it all.


Hercules Valentine, the boy who sat across from me in 12th-grade economics. I’ve had a crush on him since I first laid eyes on him, but I’ve tried not to show it.. That’s because he wasn’t just any boy. He’s a member of a rival family. Our families’ disdain for each other goes back long before he or I was born.. But who could’ve known that on the day before our high school graduation, one conversation, one encounter, would set the course for the rest of our lives and determine our destiny?. Desire is tempting indeed in ‘Tempting Fate’—The story that started it all.