The Art of Playing Around With the Energies That Surroud Us: Tips & Tricks for a Beautiful Life


Learn the art of embracing the energies of life and dancing with them in this insightful book. Explore the idea of accepting reality and making inner changes for a more beautiful life, while connecting, disconnecting, and reconnecting with the energies around us. Discover the secrets to living on the right frequency and finding joy in the dance of life.


I was meditating over a list of tips and tricks that could help us improve our lives … and i think the main trick we should have in mind is just … try to not control anything at all.Only play on the stage of our own lives … and even being surrounded by so, so many energy forces … we should embrace all of them … no matter if they are positive and negative.We should somehow dance with those energies and enjoy the dance itself, which actually means accept everything happens, even if it happens for a reason difficult to be understood now.You see, we have lots of options in life, like live in society and interact with it, no matter what that means … live in society, but practice the solitude and avoid the interaction … but also leave this world, go in a place where you can’t find anyone around and be just you with your inner self.For most of us, what really happens … we live inside the society and even if we don’t want to interact with it … we are somehow forced to do it … to better understand the life lessons we have to learn during this life time.Trying to see this art of playing around with energies … becomes a must and we can’t survive without it.And even if we don’t want to become artists …. it’s the only art the Universe is asking us to study.But … connecting to people becomes many times really annoying.Indeed … there will be times when the connection will give us joy, like in a love story or the relations we have with good friends or our children … but there will be many, many occasions when the connections will just … hurt us.So … do we have a choice to decide when we should stop interacting?!Well … being an art … you will actually understand that in the process, using some tips and tricks that i will write about … we can connect, disconnect and then re connect anytime we want.We should not be afraid of any kind of energy … no matter if it is positive or negative energy … cause all around us is just a reflection of our own souls.You just can’t be afraid of … you.If we see beautiful things, events and situations in our present moment … it means we are in good spiritual shape … on the right frequency.If we somehow totally dislike and disagree everything around us … it means … something is wrong inside of the inner soul.I’ve read lots of books over the years and i was also meditating a lot over the meaning of life … and all i can say today is that the trick for a beautiful life is just embrace reality, no matter how that is.And if you want to change something … try to change in the inner world … not the outside world.You will never be able to change the reflection from the mirror … if you don’t change what is in front of the mirror.The art of dancing with the energies from our lives … can be learnt just as you learn the art of dancing.Connect with the partner … and the music … and synchronize all the movements … for a beautiful dance.