The Calamities of Camden Callahan: a Revenant Novel

By (author)Brittany Tucker


In this thrilling tale of betrayal and redemption, 19-year-old pirate Cam must navigate a treacherous island run by a tyrannical doctor and his deadly followers. With his true identity at risk of being exposed, and facing old foes both within and without, Cam must choose between facing death and confronting his past in order to save his captain and secure his freedom.


Death consumes all, but even it spit out Camden Callahan.
In the years since his father’s betrayal, 19-year-old pirate, Cam, has done the unimaginable to keep his true identity a secret. When a desperate gamble gets his crew slaughtered and his captain kidnapped, Cam wakes from the ashes of their ship, gifted with newfound powers and a fresh start in life.
But with the fate of his captain—the only one who knows Cam’s past—uncertain, he must infiltrate an island run by an overzealous doctor, and his deadly followers, before the captain spills Cam’s truth to the world, ripping away his last chance at freedom.
Even beneath the tropical sun, shadows thrive as dark deals are struck, forcing Cam to confront old foes—both within and without—as time runs out.
On this island, wearing his old name may be the only way Cam can keep himself, his captain, and his new allies alive. Doing so, though, would mean choosing to face death—and his father—a second time.