The Contentment Dilemma: Examining Life’s Mysteries and Purposes

By (author)Marcus Hurst

Discover the secrets to finding lasting fulfillment and triumphing over life’s challenges in The Contentment Dilemma. This book provides a clear roadmap for understanding and addressing chaos, equipping you with the tools to take control and find hope and purpose. With reasonable explanations, steps for building a personal connection with the Creator of the universe, and insights on overcoming adversity, this book is a must-read for those seeking clarity and purpose in life.


Find purpose in your suffering and make clarity of life’s confusion. The Contentment Dilemma strives to provide a clear roadmap for understanding and addressing the chaos that many people are facing. If you desire lasting fulfillment, and to triumph over the challenges in life, this book was written for you. Have you been wondering if it is possible to know the truth about life’s mysteries? The Contentment Dilemma will equip you with tools that will aid in taking control of your life and finding the hope and purpose you are looking for.. In The Contentment Dilemma you will learn: Reasonable explanations of life’s mysteries and purposes.Why confusion and suffering are so abundant.How adversity is actually a privilege.Steps for building a personal connection with the Creator of the universe.How to rise above sin’s bondage, conquer defeat, and get a grip on your life.If you want to overcome adversity and find purpose in life, get a copy today.. It has been testified that all people will locate valuable insight within this book’s pages. One reviewer wrote, about The Contentment Dilemma, “…Every man and woman should read this book. After all, we all want to make the right decisions in life, don’t we? I, therefore, recommend it to everyone, including underage readers capable of comprehension.” -OmondiKen