The Dead of Stanley Brook—a True Ghost Story


In this true ghost story set in 1980s New Zealand, a family encounters unearthly apparitions on their secluded farm, leaving them questioning whether they were ghosts, hallucinations, or lost souls unable to reach the other side. Written by someone who was there, this book explores a mystery beyond human understanding and will leave you intrigued and captivated. Grab your copy now to uncover the chilling truth.


Do some of us see the dead?

A desolate farm. An ancient tragedy. Two unearthly apparitions. And a mystery beyond human understanding…

This is a true story. It really happened, and I was there.

In a remote corner of New Zealand in the 1980s, my family encountered two spectral figures. Over and over, these phantom children visited our secluded farm. We saw them, right before our eyes.

And then came the others…

Were they ghosts? Hallucinations? Lost souls unable to reach the other side?

To find out more, grab your copy of this true ghost story now!

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