The Fangs Visit the Dentist

By (author)Jean Saxby


Join Cunning Cat, Tricky Dog, and Risky Rat on a hilarious adventure to the dentist in ‘The Fangs Visit the Dentist’. With delightful illustrations and a sprinkle of catchy rhyme, this book will prepare 3 to 7-year-olds for their own dental visit while providing a fun and engaging read. Plus, don’t miss the bonus section with dental care tips and a link to a free kids’ activities booklet!


We are Cat, Dog and Rat all threeWe are going to the surgery . . .Going to the dentist is an adventure in the first book of the quirky and humorous series ‘The Fangs Visit the Dentist’.This is a fabulous book with fun illustrations. Every child will enjoy reading it and the story will prepare them for their visit to the dentist.—Dr Maria Choy BDS (Hon) Syd. Uni. Dental Surgeon.Written by award-winning author Jean Saxby, the antics of Cunning Cat, Tricky Dog and Risky Rat make this a must-read for 3 to 7 year olds . . . and all lovers of fur babies. The Fangs have an appointment at the Happy Clouds Dental Surgery to see Dr. Munch. But as usual in the world of the Fangs, nothing goes according to plan.This book has delightful illustrations. It also features a sprinkling of catchy rhyme, well-being themes and a feel-good ending.Does Cunning Cat bite Dr Munch?Why does Tricky Dog nearly fall out of the dentist’s chair?What happens when Risky Rat needs a filling in his fang?. Bonus Section: dental care tips and information page, plus a link to a Fangtastic Free Kids’Activities Booklet.