The Oasis War

By (author)Kevin George


In “The Edge of Augermore,” Jeremus Gandy discovers that the kingdom still exists, despite what his mother told him. With the fate of Augermore at stake, Jeremus must embark on a dangerous journey to save his mother and return the unleashed Magic to its powerful source. Filled with treacherous lands and power-hungry races, “The Edge of Augermore” is a thrilling adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat.


Jeremus Gandy lives a lonely existence at The Edge of Augermore, told by his mother that the rest of the kingdom was destroyed long ago. She keeps them alive and safe with the use of Magic, assuring Jeremus that he’s lucky to have no Magical ability of his own. He disagrees.. When a mysterious stranger arrives, Jeremus learns the kingdom still exists but was thrown into chaos years earlier by the release of dangerous Magic from a powerful Book. That Book, it just so happens, is located in a trunk within his mother’s hut.. After the stranger curses Jeremus’s mother, it’s up to Jeremus to save her life – and save Augermore – by traveling across the kingdom to collect and return Magic to the Book.. Augermore is filled with treacherous lands and power-hungry races made more threatening by the Magic unleashed within them. Will Jeremus follow his mother’s advice to remain safely at The Edge? Or is he ready to follow the Trail of Magic?