The Pastor and Temptation Spin-off: Rasheeda Vs Lyrica

“Get ready for a rollercoaster of love, betrayal, and redemption in this captivating tale of romance and deceit. Follow Rasheeda, Marvin, Lyrica, and Rico as their intertwined lives unravel in the heart of Memphis, Tennessee, where love and loyalty are put to the ultimate test.”


Rasheeda believed that she met her knight in shining armor when she met Marvin Beaumont. Marvin is a handsome Jamaican with dreads going down his back and money that is even longer. Owning several jewelry stores throughout the south allows him the flexibility to spend on a lavish lifestyle for Rasheeda. Rasheeda is in for a rude awakening when she discovers that Marvin is not quite the man that he bamboozled her into falling for. Lyrica and Rico are months away from walking down the aisle and becoming one. Rico managed to put his craving for more than one woman down and remain faithful to Lyrica. With Memphis, TN only being so big, Rico runs to the rescue to save Rasheeda when things with Marvin rear an ugly head. Seeing the couple happily together is unsettling for Rasheeda, as Rico was her man first! Rasheeda cannot and refuses to deny that she never stopped being in love with Rico.Will Rico draw a line in the sand before he ruins his happily ever after with Lyrica?