The Reluctant Witch: Year One


Brie never wanted to stand out at witch academy, but a forbidden romance with a mermaid jeopardizes her place at the school. As she juggles secrets and struggles with her studies, she must make a choice between love and her magical education in this captivating YA urban fantasy. If you enjoy stories of teenage witches and forbidden love, you won’t want to miss Kristen S. Walker’s latest novel, The Reluctant Witch.


A young witch who just wants to be invisible. A beautiful mermaid who doesn’t belong. A secret relationship that threatens the entire academy.

Brie only agreed to try the witch academy to make her mother happy. She assumed she would learn Water magic. But when the students were assigned to their Elemental classes, she ended up in Earth. The list of reasons for her to leave the school keeps growing—her roommate is a bully, she doesn’t understand her classes, and everyone judges her for her infamous family name.

Then a beautiful mermaid named Gabriella catches her eye at the beach. Merfolk aren’t allowed in Santa Cruz because they’re dangerous killers, but Gabriella is friendly and kind. She agrees to show Water magic to Brie as long as she keeps their meetings a secret.

Brie lies to everyone about Gabriella, even when her Fae mentor asks her to investigate merfolk. But when the secret relationship strains her friendships, tanks her grades, and threatens her position at the academy, Brie learns that love comes at a high price.

She must choose between her first love and her magical school—or lose everything.

The Reluctant Witch is the first book in an upper YA urban fantasy academy series. It features the daughter of Rosa from the Fae of Calaveras trilogy, but it takes place twenty years after the original series and does not require prior reading. If you like teen witches, magical schools, and introverts who have to overcome their wish to be left alone, you’ll enjoy Kristen S. Walker’s latest novel.

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Rated PG-13 for mild profanity and sexual references.

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