The Rotting

By (author)Josh A. Murphy

“Experience the gripping tale of a gruesome massacre at Windsor Tower, drawing Jennifer back to the home she had fled in search of a life free of her father’s rule. As she and a stranger set out to unravel the mystery, they uncover a growing terror that threatens far more than the town’s downtrodden in The Rotting.”


The police arrived, expecting little more than a domestic dispute. After all, petty crime was no stranger to Windsor Tower, the home of the Warrington’s desolate and destitute. But nothing could have prepared the responding officers for what they found… for the bloodshed that awaited them.A massacre; one which was slowly threatening to grow.News of the slaughter within Windsor Tower became national news, spreading like a plague, soon reaching Jennifer Davies, drawing her back to the home she had fled, the home of her childhood. She had her reasons for leaving, for abandoning her brother in search of a life free of her father’s rule. But it was her father, missing in the massacre’s wake, that brought her back. Together with a stranger, Mike, a man somehow connected to the events, she will set out in search of clues, following the grisly carnage of Windsor Tower to the seedy underbelly of the town, uncovering a growing terror threatening far more than the town’s downtrodden. For there is something spreading and nothing can stop…THE ROTTING