The Savages

By (author)W.R. Benton

Join ‘Bear’ and ‘Bones’ as they embark on a dangerous mission to track down a savage group of bandits terrorizing settlements, in this action-packed frontier adventure. Filled with thrilling battles and high-stakes revenge, this new addition to the Nate Grisham universe is a must-read for fans of Benton’s mountain man series.


Mountain men ‘Bear’ and ‘Bones’ (a former doctor) have completed another trapping season and head east to St. Louis to sell their hard-earned furs. Upon a chance meeting with a Cavalry General they are told of a growing hazard, bandits raids. A large marauding group of outlaws from Mexico called “Los Salvajes” or The Savages are attacking settlements and slaughtering every man, woman, and child they find.. The General tries to recruit them as Army scouts to help track and destroy this menace of vicious murderers. With their year’s profits at stake, they decline, and continue onto St. Louis to cash-in on their pelts. However, upon heading back east to Butterfield’s Trading Post they encounter firsthand the gruesome signs of destruction and pillaging left by The Savages.. Knowing that this scourge must be dealt with they enlist the help of a group of fellow mountain men from the annual Rendezvous to join their posse for vengeance. Joined by Nate & Little Nate Grisham, Cotton, Fire Eyes, Deacon and One-Eye Jack they track the bandits to the New Mexico border and beyond… in hopes of discoving their hidden lair—so they can destroy them once and for all.. A new companion title set within the Nate Grisham historical universe of stories, this novel is brimming with frontier battles and fast-paced action. If you enjoy Benton’s mountain man adventures you must pick up this new title.

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