The Seed of the White Dragon

By (author)Uwe Eckardt


What if mythical creatures were more than just stories? In a desperate attempt to save his life, Finn ventures through a thin veil into a world filled with wondrous beings, magical powers, and a white dragon who expects a peculiar recompense. Will he have the courage to tear apart the veil and save the future of an entire world?


Have you ever wondered where the tales and legends of dragons, trolls, and all those mythical creatures actually come from?

What if they didn’t just originate from the imagination of storytellers from times past?

What if only a thin veil separates us from a magical world filled with wondrous beings?

Would you have the courage to tear it apart?

To save his life, Finn has no choice. He must venture through the veil and immediately stumbles into a turbulent adventure, the outcome of which holds nothing less than the future of an entire world. And as if that weren’t enough, he must also contend with the magical powers unexpectedly awakening within him. Not to mention the white dragon that expects a peculiar recompense for his assistance…

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