The World of Psychics: Hay House Psychics on the Topics That Matter Most

By (author)David Wells


Unlock the secrets of the psychic world with this free guide featuring advice from some of Hay House’s most renowned mediums and psychics. Discover how to enhance your sixth-sensory perception and explore psychic phenomena with tools and techniques recommended by experts in the field. From developing psychic abilities to understanding the afterlife and tarot cards, this ebook offers valuable insights from trusted sources to expand your psychic abilities.


Learn how to improve a host of psychic abilities with this free guide, featuring some of Hay House’s bestselling mediums and psychics. . There are many tools and techniques you can employ to begin developing your sixth-sensory perception and understanding psychic phenomena; this free book features some of the best advice for implementing it, from psychics and mediums with an amazing track record.The World of Psychics ebook will tell you about:• How to Develop Psychic Abilities – Heidi Sawyer• What the Afterlife is like – Gordon Smith• Heaven for Dogs – Talking with Dead Pets – John Holland• The Meaning of Tarot Cards – David Wells• Understanding Skeptics and Cynics – Lisa Williams