Three Fates Entwined

By (author)Jamie Campbell


Discover the thrilling world of the Defectives series in this captivating novella. Join Defective Clone Wren as she battles the consequences of her recognizable face while protecting a life alongside her best friend. Meanwhile, Trooper Reece Thompson confronts his past in his old neighborhood, uncovering the true source of his unwavering dedication to the cause. Don’t miss this exciting introduction to a series filled with gripping twists and turns!


A novella introduction to the Defectives series.

Defective Clone Wren must face the consequences of having one of the most recognizable faces in the country. Together with her best friend, they must sneak around Aria in the hopes of protecting one more life.

Meanwhile, Trooper Reece Thompson is facing his past when sent to patrol his old neighborhood. Find out exactly what fuels his commitment to the cause.

The Defectives Series includes:

Three Fates Entwined
Two Beating Hearts
A Hundred Stolen Breaths
One Spark of Hope