Unexpected Gifts: Amish Hearts in Hopewell Prequel

By (author)Sylvia Price


In the quiet town of Hopewell, Indiana, Gabriel Miller’s solitary life is disrupted by the unexpected responsibility of raising his cousin’s orphaned children. As he struggles to manage his farm and care for the young ones, Anna Burkholder steps in to help, harboring unspoken affections for Gabriel. Together, they navigate the challenges of building an unconventional family and discover the transformative power of love, making “Unexpected Gifts” a heartwarming tale of resilience, sacrifice, and newfound connections.


In the heart of Hopewell, Indiana, Gabriel Miller tends to his farm, embracing the solitary life he’s carved out for himself. But three unexpected visitors, accompanied by a stranger bearing news of his cousin’s untimely passing, disrupt his quiet existence. With no one else to turn to, Gabriel takes on the responsibility of raising the orphaned children. Alone and overwhelmed, he grapples with the daunting task of managing his farm while becoming a caregiver to three young souls.In this tale of unexpected responsibilities and unspoken desires, Anna Burkholder emerges as a beacon of hope. Stepping in to care for the children during the day, Anna, who harbors an unspoken affection for Gabriel, finds herself entangled in a situation that might just offer her a chance at capturing his attention. As Anna and Gabriel navigate the complexities of raising a family, they discover that love has a way of blossoming in the most unforeseen places.Will their newfound roles bring them closer together, or will the weight of their responsibilities tear them apart? Join Gabriel and Anna on a journey of resilience, sacrifice, and the transformative power of love as they navigate the challenges of building an unconventional family. Unexpected Gifts is the prequel to the Amish Hearts of Hopewell series, and in it, you will be introduced to the characters who appear throughout the series.