Virgin Student & My Best Friend’s Daddy : My Forbidden Daddy Romance

By (author)KAT T. SCOTT

Cherie’s forbidden desire for her best friend’s dad, Roderick, takes a dangerous turn when her secret journal accidentally falls into his hands, setting the stage for a romance that pushes her to the brink in The Horny Virgin. This steamy stand-alone novel will captivate you from the first word with its thrilling excitement and forbidden romance. No cliffhangers, just plenty of swoons and bedroom steam.


Cherie knows her friendship with Nadia is in danger when she begins to love her dad, Roderick. She keeps her desire secret in a journal on her phone. But when she mistakenly sends that same journal with details of her desire to Roderick, the stage is set for a best friend’s dad’s romance that takes Cherie to the brink.. The excitement and romance of The Horny Virgin will consume you from the first word.. Author’s Note: Each book in this series is a STAND-ALONE and can be read in any order. No cliffy, no cheating. Just Loads of swoons, sparks and bedroom steam just for you!