World War S: the Silence Begins


In a world plagued by economic and social crisis, Josh Heartley, a young boy with prophetic abilities, finds himself in the middle of a spiritual battle that spans over two thousand years. Dr Julie Bond hopes to unlock the secret behind Near Death Experiences and their ties to the human soul through her research study involving Josh, uncovering shocking real-world events and historical examples. Based on the thrilling novel by Stephen Paul Thomas, this series is a must-read for those interested in the unseen battle and shocking revelations.


The world stands on the brink of another worldwide economic and social crisis. People look for understanding through occult practices, so that mediums and fortunetellers have become wildly successful in helping them escape reality. There are no more churches, and established religion is a thing of the past. Christians must now gather in secret.. In this fragile era emerges Josh Heartley, a young boy with astounding prophetic abilities. Though Josh had a heart transplant in his early years, it doesn’t slow him down. He is a light for everyone around him, and he can often tell future events with supernatural clarity.During an accident, Josh has a Near Death Experience and finds himself in the middle of a spiritual battle that goes back more than two thousand years. Dr Julie Bond, conducting a research study involving Josh, hopes to unlock the secret behind NDEs and their ties to the human soul. She soon suspects the key lies within this very special boy.. Stephen Paul Thomas’s thrilling novel is based on shocking real-world events of a thousand-years-long demonic occupation told through exciting storylines, unexpected twists, and many historical examples. If you read Frank Peretti’s This Present Darkness, you will find this more eyeopening and shocking… all who would like to know more about the unseen battle must read this series!. “Thomas (Cluster, 2015) deftly paints a world in which Christians have been backed into a corner by the belief systems of other cultures—like that of Linda’s ancestral village in Central America—and by demons. These demons, including Karnelo, the “lust-addict spirit,” have been possessing people for hundreds of years, using human tools to instigate everything from the Inquisition to organized pedophilia. Thomas’ prose presents the complex story evocatively, as in the line “Linda’s chest rhythmically lifted and sank, like water in the mighty ocean, which kept its secrets in the dark deep.” – Kirkus Review