Xzion: a Hexonian Alien Romance

By (author)Charmaine Ross


Get ready for an out-of-this-world adventure in ‘Xzion’ as a futuristic romance unfolds between a human and a mysterious alien. With a mix of action, suspense, and steamy encounters, this series guarantees a thrilling escape from reality. Join the heroine as she navigates through love, danger, and the fate of mankind in this captivating set of standalone novels.


I’ve been captured by walking crocodiles and saved by a golden-skinned god.

Xzion says he took me to protect me but he’s not taking me back home. In fact, we’ve crashed on an alien planet and now we’re trapped in a cave from which there’s no escape. He’s all I’ve got. I should be afraid of him, but I can’t take my eyes off his washboard abs and irresistible lips. The longer we’re trapped down here, the harder it will be for me to resist him. I’m barely hanging in there.

Xzion will claim my body but if he claims my heart, I’ll never be able to return to Earth. But when we find a way out and discover a treacherous plot intended for mankind, I know my life will never be the same. I’ll be trapped between two worlds and the fate of mankind rests in my hands.

If you like hot aliens, sweeping adventure, and steamy romance, you’ll love this series. No cliffhanger, an ongoing battle between good and evil, and a happily ever after guaranteed!

Each book in the series can be read as a standalone, but for maximum enjoyment, it’s recommended that the series be read in order.

Book 1 – Xzion (Prequel)
Book 2 – Jo-Aquin
Book 3 – Striker
Book 4 – Alastor

Book 5 – Protected by the Alien Space Pirate
Book 6 – Claimed by the Alien Space Pirate
Book 7 – Rescued by the Alien Space Pirate

Book 8 – Seized by the Alien Space Warrior
Book 9 – Secured by the Alien Space Warrior
Book 10 – Consumed by the Alien Space Warrior

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