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    Rapacity & Rancor: A Pride & Prejudice Variation Mystery Romance Series (Crime & Courtship Book 1)

    Meryton is atwitter with the arrival of Mr. Bingley and his friends, but Mr. Darcy leaves a bad first impression on the attendees of the Assembly ball. It’s almost enough to detract from the theft that occurs while everyone is inside dancing. Soon enough, other thefts occur throughout the village. Ever curious, Lizzy ventures to find the thief, acquiring an unexpected ally in the endeavor in Fitzwilliam Darcy. As they work together, she gains a more favorable impression of him, but he is the last man with whom she would ever want to solve another mystery. This is part one of the completed five-book “Crime & Courtship” series. They are intended to be read in order and follow roughly the same timeline and locations as J.A.’s masterpiece.The first mystery takes place in Meryton. The next will be at Netherfield, followed by Hunsford, then London, and finally Pemberley. The story arc will continue throughout all five parts, compromising one long read broken into five sections. A mystery is central to each installment, so you could call this a cozy mystery sweet Regency romance. While Abbey sometimes writes sensual JAFF, this series is strictly SWEET. Read more