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    Amish Romance: Unexpected Family (A Lancaster County Courtship Romance)

    ***FREE to REGULAR READERS AND to KINDLE UNLIMITED!!!***** AN ABIGAIL FISHER AMISH ROMANCE SHORT STORY Part of the LANCASTER COUNTY COURTSHIP ROMANCE Series A wounded girl praying for love in her life. A tragic accident. A young boy lost in the world… When a devastating accident leaves a young, Amish boy mute and orphaned, his uncle Simon steps up to care for him, but Simon is unsure how to help his innocent nephew Abram through his trauma. Lucy, a kind and nurturing young school teacher, finds her heart going out to this sweet new boy in her classroom. Due to her own secret past, she can relate to his tragic experience and non-verbal response, and she feels God’s hand in guiding him to her. She also cannot help but notice his handsome, caring uncle who is showing interest in her. But when Lucy’s past and shame are revealed, will Simon still be interested? Should Lucy even allow the attraction to grow knowing what she knows about herself? Only God knows how past pain and sorrow can bring hope to a questionable future for all of them. Can these three faithful souls truly become an "Unexpected Family?"