• Young Adult

    My Dear Ellie: A coming of age novel (Love & Friendship Book 1)

    What would you do for your best friend? Cassandra Grace will live through heartbreaks over a thousand lifetimes. Ellie (Eleanor James) wants to be a superstar. She has natural beauty and talent, but is super impatient in achieving her goals. She drops out of High school to pursue acting. She achieves greater success, but it comes at a cost. Ellie dwells deeper into darkness, as fame becomes a dangerous drug to her. Cassie (Cassandra Grace) is sweet and loving. She is terribly indecisive about what she wants to do in life but will follow Ellie anywhere, including dropping out of High school. After a few years, Cassie decides to go back to University, and there, she discovers her love for English literature. As her life gains purpose, she doesn’t realize how much her friend Ellie is drifting into despair. Can she save her? Cassie vows to be there for Ellie and to get her the life she deserves to have, even if it means challenging Fate… and losing everything she loves to save her. Don’t miss this riveting coming of age story about two best friends. Read it today! My Dear Ellie is Aisha Urooj’s debut novel and is the first book in the Love & Friendship trilogy. Read more
  • Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    Sleeping Beauty No More (Fantasy Romance Book 2)

    Sleeping Beauty needed a kiss to break the curse. Her prince never came. Aurora woke up after sleeping for a hundred years. Left alone and forgotten in her tower; she is desperate to find out why. What happened in the past? Why didn’t the prince keep his promise? While Aurora slept under the cursed spell, it was not just her that suffered. The people of her kingdom, Rivendale, were being crushed under the witch’s tyrannical reign. Things had to change, but how could one sixteen-year-old princess save her kingdom from the wicked witch and her entire demon army? Aurora meets Devon, a distractingly handsome thief, who had been using her tower as his hideout. Devon and his gang of thieves, known as the Circle, promise to help defeat the witch and to help Aurora save her kingdom. The prince’s betrayal broke her heart, but can Aurora trust anyone else to keep their word? When Aurora finally meets the witch, it was not what she expected. The witch gives her a tempting offer: Rule the kingdom with her, and she will help erase Aurora’s painful memories. The future is at stake, and Aurora has to decide. Will she fight to save her kingdom, or will she give in to the witch, and stay the lost princess forever? Don’t miss this sensational new twist on Sleeping Beauty. Get your copy now! Read more