• Romance

    Forbidden: Death Dealers Mc Book 1

    Forbidden fruit is the sweetest… ***Raven***Gage "Reaper" Hunter is everything I've vowed to stay away from. He's a biker, a criminal, a womanizer. I like to spend my days between the pages of a good book, and he probably doesn't remember what one looks like. Those are the things I have to tell my body when he's close. If I don't, I'll give in to him and end up just like my sister, Lonnie–a biker whore. He's made it crystal clear he only wants me in his bed. As the cons of getting involved with this man keep piling up, my attraction to him only gets stronger. But I have to fight it. He doesn't belong to me.Will I be able to stand my ground when The Reaper comes calling? ***Gage***I wanted Raven Alvarez the moment I saw her. She's unlike any woman I've ever met, but she's off limits. For now. She's smart and sexy, with a sassy mouth that both infuriates and arouses me. Her innocence puts me at a crossroads–wanting to protect her, and wanting to corrupt her. I want her in my bed, but for the first time, I want so much more. She's under my skin; the itch I can't scratch. I want her, and I'll wait until she's ready. Even if it drives me crazy in the process. I'm all wrong for her, but nothing has ever felt so right.Forbidden fruit is the sweetest, and I'm dying for a taste. Intended for mature audiences. These books explore serious themes that may be considered triggers for some. Book 1 of 3, plus a novella, in Gage and Raven's story. All are now available. Reading order:ForbiddenTemptedClaimedDeception (A Novella) ***Also available as a boxed set - RAGE: President & First Lady Of The Death Dealers MC. Includes Forbidden, Tempted, Claimed, Deception, Envisage (A #Rage Short Story), and an exclusive bonus scene.*** Other Books in the series: Seduction (Book 4 – Einsteins story), and Renascence (Book 5 – Venom's story)