• Young Adult

    Spell Master (Light Mage Trilogy Book 3)

    Luca is having an identity crisis. His magic is behaving strangely, his emotions are out of control, and training to be a Master Mage is tougher than he ever expected. The support of his boyfriend, Devin, is one of the few things Luca can depend on. Then Luca and Devin learn the terrible secret behind the High Council’s smiling public face. The magical dimensions are in the final stages of an ancient curse. Supplies of magic are disappearing. Everyone could die. And the only clue points to Light Mages. As Luca’s training progresses, some members of the High Council become convinced he is mixed up in the curse. Loyalties are pushed to the limit. And when Luca and Devin finally uncover the truth behind the history of their world, everything they thought they knew about Light Mages is turned upside down. The price for breaking the curse is a deadly one. But which of them will pay it? Spell Master, the third and final book in the Light Mage series, is a contemporary fantasy story with m/m romance and no cliffhanger. Additional content information is available via the Look Inside feature. Recommended for 14+ Read more