• Young Adult

    Phoenix Child: Book One of the Children of Fire Series

    There should be a law, a Universal Rule, as to how much weirdness can happen to a person. Fifteen-year-old Sara walks into the San Francisco Center for the Circus Arts determined to ignore the freaky things happening to her. As powers she doesn’t want and can’t control overwhelm her, Sara must decide if she can trust the strangers who say they are her family … descended from a common ancestor four thousand years ago. Sara clings to her contented and well-planned life as a foster kid, successfully working the system, as dreams, powers, and magical creatures drag her towards her destiny. When the ancient evil that killed her parents comes to San Francisco, Sara is forced to choose between her fears and her desire to protect those she loves. Sometimes great things are thrust upon us. Sara wishes this supposed ‘greatness’ didn’t include a new name, unicorns, and catching on fire. PHOENIX CHILD is the 1st novel in the Children of Fire series, a young adult urban fantasy series. Alica has plans for seven novels in this series, and possibly several novellas that accompany them. Currently, books 1 – 3 are available and book 4 is coming soon! (There’s also a novella available, however, if you subscribe to Alica’s newsletter you can receive Kayin’s Fire for free! For the link to subscribe, just scroll down to her biography below, or look on her Amazon Author page, or you find it in any of her books.) Read more