• Children's

    The Amulet: a Faedra Bennett Custodian Novel

    To seventeen-year-old Faedra, faeries were nothing more than the figurines she collected and displayed in her curio cabinet. Or so she thought… Faedra had no idea that faeries controlled nature, and with a book no less. Nor did she know that her ancestors had protected an ancient fae amulet for thousands of years. An amulet, that if reunited with the book, would give the wearer power to control the weather, too. She didn’t know all this because the one person to teach her died when she was just six years old. Well, now it was time for her to find out… A letter from the grave reveals her true identity the day of her eighteenth birthday. But she barely has time to digest the revelation when she is plunged into a fight for her life and that of mankind. **After several reviews regarding the editing, I sent The Amulet to be overhauled by the editor I found for The Emerald Staff. This is the newly edited version.** Also available in this series:The Emerald Staff (Custodian Novel #2)The Cypher Wheel (Custodian Novel #3)