• Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    New Winslow: The Complete First Season

    (This book was originally published as New Winslow: The Complete First Season by Amanda McColgan. Nothing about the content has been changed, just the author pen name.) “You know, people don’t exactly need a reason to stay in New Winslow.” ◆◆◆ A small town in the grip of a mysterious curse. A population trying to live in its shadow. And an impulsive promise that brings home two friends years after they left for good. In New Winslow, stories weave in and out of each other. The town psychic seeks answers to something bigger than herself. Four friends warily reunite. And a man has made the most of his life, despite being trapped here for decades. All that’s been buried is slowly resurfacing. But will it change anything in a town that refuses to acknowledge its curse? ◆◆◆ Originally published on Patreon, New Winslow: The Complete First Season includes all 39 episodes originally released for free and with Patreon support. This edition also contains ebook-exclusive bonus content, including deleted scenes and a sneak peek at Season Two! Read more