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    7 Simple Steps To Beat Emotional Baggage: How To Become Whole, Healed, Healthy & Happy

    What if I told you that you could stop the negative tape from playing in your head? What if, with seven simple steps you could leave the pain of the past behind and live everyday as your true authentic self? It is possible and you can do it. Ready? Read on…7 Simple Steps to Beat Emotional Baggage: How to Become Whole, Healed, Healthy & Happy shares how to resolve emotional baggage and feel free to live true to your own personality, spirit and character by teaching you how to recognize the Four Life Stages of Emotional Baggage, transform negative thinking, and become equipped to boldly face emotional pain. Surviving a homicidal alcoholic father, a neglectful mother and four physically and emotionally abusive brothers, Anita knows firsthand the internal battle left by emotional and physical abuse. She has also used these methods when counseling hundreds of clients. The 7-Step Method is a process of seven repeatable steps she has used and seen the greatest results. It has not only worked for her and her previous clients, it can also work for you.