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    Chrysalis: Personal Transformation From The Inside Out (The Chrysalis Collection Book 1)

    This is a challenging time of change, chaos and instability – both in our world and in our individual lives. To thrive in this time, transformation of your life from what it was to what it will be is called for. Chrysalis: Personal Transformation From The Inside Out shows you how to transform your life in the same way a caterpillar turns itself into a magnificent butterfly. In a sometimes whimsical and always insightful way, Ann guides your transformation using verses, questions, practical exercises and original mythical stories that flow easily throughout the book. Ann brings the wisdom and insights she has gained from her own journey, her study of sacred arts and her years of experience coaching clients through their own transformations to the writing of this book. As you read Chrysalis your mind and heart will open to change and your transformation will begin! Read more