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    The Princess Secret: Middle Grade Fairy Tale Adventure Short Story

    The land of Keros is ruled by lonely King Natashie. His kingdom is beautiful with mountains, forests, and swamps. A realm full of trolls and sprites and dragons. In a tiny seaside village lives Serah. She’s a regular girl who believes in fairy tale creatures and loves to read legends. One of her favorite stories is The Lost Princess. The story tells how during a terrible war, the king hid his baby daughter in a small village to keep her safe. One day, the king will find his daughter and make her a princess. While Serah is mostly happy, her family is poor. Her parents keep secrets (a royal parchment hides in her mother’s treasure trunk). She must obey important never-to-be-broken Rules (always cover her purple-striped hair and her birthmark). Then one day Serah sees a fan-tail and a glitter-top under a bright sun. Everyone knows this means a special event is about to take place. At the market the next day, Serah sees a royal messenger searching for the Kerosian princess. The legend is true! Now that peace has returned to Keros, it’s time to find the princess. His words hint that she is more than a poor village girl living by the sea. Still, it’s impossible to believe she could be the missing princess Sefarina. When Serah gets lost in the weeping woods, a wild boy called Asher and his pet birkey save her. Asher spies Serah’s birthmark and her unusual hair, proving she is the lost princess. Now Serah has a choice to make. Will she go to the castle? Will she take her rightful place at the king’s side? Will she one day become a queen? Her journey with Asher takes her through forests and swamps. She faces dragons, kidnappers, evil kings, and princes. She learns friendship is the foundation for true love. This is a royal adventure story with fairy tale romance fun for all ages. Read more