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    Is Murder by Candlestick Still a Thing?

    Diva Delaney is the only normal living among a family of witches in Hollowood Grove. Although ‘normal’ can hardly be applied to a psychic medium. As if her life as the only non-magical person in the Delaney Coven isn’t hard enough, she’s the prime suspect in Edward Creighton’s murder. Disliked by most, the only people who will miss the grumpy old warlock are the members of the Creighton Coven. Their hot local sheriff, Drew McTavish, is Diva’s ex, sort of. They dated three times a couple of years ago before the mysterious curse someone put on her kicked in and punished him for kissing her. He doesn’t believe in the mystical and he’s just waiting to find proof of her involvement in the murder so he can lock her away. The Creighton Coven want justice for the death of one of their own. Haydn, Edward’s great-nephew, has returned from England to take over running the Creighton Bookstore. Wickedly handsome and powerfully dangerous, he has his sights set on Diva and not in a good way. If she doesn’t find the real killer, she could end up paying the price for a murder she didn’t commit. Not even her four ghostly friends will be able to save her if the warlock decides she’s guilty.