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    Secrets of Sunshine Inn: Prequel (A Crystal Coast Series)

    Three estranged sisters. A mysterious guest. A locked box. Long-held secrets that were never meant to be revealed. When famed actress and recently widowed Susan Foster gets a chance to re-ignite her stalled Hollywood career, she gathers her three daughters for one last summer in Sunshine Inn, set in a quiet seaside town along North Carolina’s Crystal Coast. Their grand reunion is cut short when Susan is called away unexpectedly. Connie, Abby and Beth are forced to repair their relationships, heal scars from their past, and pack up their beloved family home that is full of treasured belongings and childhood memories. But their walk down memory lane comes to a screeching halt when their last guest, Deacon Moore, arrives in the middle of a storm. Their world takes a drastic turn, leaving them scrambling to make sense of it. Now that the sisters are left with no choice but to search for answers, they discover the sacrifices their mother made, the importance of family and the issues that strained their relationship no longer matter. Come stay awhile at Sunshine Inn and find out how second chances, forgiveness and everlasting love changes the lives of the charming Windham family. Secrets of Sunshine Inn is an enchanting feel-good, clean and wholesome women’s fiction series set in a beautiful beachside location with a puzzling mystery at its center and a heartfelt, generous sprinkle of romance. This is the Prequel to Secrets of Sunshine (A Crystal Coast Series). Read more